What Is Kickstarter?

At My Petsters, we've had quite a few questions from friends and family about Kickstarter, the platform we are planning to use to introduce our toys to the world. We thought a blog post would be the perfect opportunity to shine a light on all the fantastic things Kickstarter does to connect creators and supporters and help small businesses like ours go from a dream to reality.

Here is a quick crash course about Kickstarter: what it is, how it works, and how you can get involved.

So…What is Kickstarter Exactly?

Kickstarter is a funding platform where creators can share and generate interest on a particular creative project they'd like to introduce to the world. It's entirely driven by crowdfunding, where supporters can back creative projects like gadgets, toys, games, films, and books.

Since Kickstarter's launch in April of 2009, nearly 30,000 projects have been successfully funded by more than two million people.

How Kickstarter Works

There are two types of users when it comes to Kickstarter: creators and backers. As you can probably guess, the creators are independently presenting new project ideas and looking for support from the backers.

Creators independently design their own Kickstarter page and share more information to explain their creative idea in the form of text, images, and videos. They'll also share the funding goal and deadline.

Backers rally behind the creators, pledging an amount of money in hopes of seeing the creator's project come into fruition. Backers can be anyone—friends, family, someone who admires your work or your message, even complete strangers. They believe in the creativity of the world, and they are who makes Kickstarter tick. Many projects in our world wouldn't exist otherwise.

Backer's Rewards

Backers are offered special incentives from the creator of a project when they make a pledge. The bigger the pledge, the bigger the reward. All creators must create rewards for their backers in accordance with Kickstarter guidelines, but these vary widely based on the type of project. For example, backers of a new book may receive signed copies or special illustrated editions, while backers of an art project might receive prints of the project or a specially designed tote bag. Rewards can be a copy of what's being produced or a limited edition. It's up to the creators to offer enticing rewards to their backers.

How to Back A Project

Backing a project couldn't be easier. All you have to do is navigate to the page that you'd like to support and click the "Back this Project" button. Backers will then be asked to select an amount and a reward, which is all handled by Amazon's secure checkout system.

Kickstarter is All-or-Nothing

Perhaps the most critical aspect to note about Kickstarter is that it takes an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to raising funds. When backers pledge a project, they will only be charged if the project reaches its fundraising goal in its entirety. If the goal isn't reached, the creator doesn't receive any of the funds.

Why is this so?

The all-or-nothing approach creates less risk for everyone. If a project doesn't reach its funding goal, creators will not be expected to complete their project without the funds necessary to do so, and backers will not be charged.

Additionally, it serves as a great motivator. A sense of urgency is created, encouraging the community to share, like, pass on, and rally around a project that they are passionate about.

Can We Count You in?

Soon, My Petsters will be joining alongside many other creatives using Kickstarter as a way to launch our toys. Our unique pets are created to enhance your child's imagination, creativity and social skills. Petsters teaches kids to live fearlessly, celebrate each other’s differences and be friends with everyone.

Kickstarter is more than a platform for donating money. It's about pledging your support to a creative idea that you want to see exist in the world. And at My Petsters, we believe it is essential to bring more good into our world. Because, after all, the good in me sees the good in you.

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