Things to Do with Friends While Social Distancing

Let’s face it, kids hate being cooped up in the house, especially with their siblings and parents as the only means of entertainment. Even though we may have to distance ourselves physically from our friends and family, there are still ways that your kids can enjoy time with their friends and relatives without being right next to them.

Some states are requiring people to stay in their homes nearly 24/7, but it’s still legal to take walks or do some exercise around the neighborhood. If you’re state is one that is in quarantine, create or find a Facebook group for your neighborhood, or use the Nextdoor app to ask neighbors to place special items in their windows for kids to find on their walks. Michigan has a Facebook group called Rainbows over Michigan, where kids are decorating windows and doors with rainbows in order to spread cheer in this perplexing new normal. Other communities are placing teddy bears in windows for children to find on “bear hunts”.

Netflix has a community watch button now, which means your kiddos and their classmates can all watch a movie at the same time. Grab some popcorn, call a friend and plan a date to watch together. It’ll be like you’re in a really long movie theater.

If you are tired of the little ones being on their electronics all day long, there is another great thing to do to help children through this tough time that can also brighten up your neighborhood. Coloring rocks and leaving them places for the Kindness Rock Project. This is a two-part project, as you’ll get to collect and paint your rocks with cheerful messages for your friends, and then you’ll get to leave them around town for other kids to find. This is a great way to get the community together and for everyone to stay safely apart.

Speaking of being neighborly, if you’re missing your friends across the way, have everyone get together every night on their front porches and wave, or just be there to see and feel each other in the community.

These times are hard, and they can be especially hard on children who are missing their friends and family. Let them call or Facetime friends, even their teacher, and let them be silly for a while. Maybe you could even get Grandma or Grandpa to read a bedtime story so you can get some much-needed alone time.

We don’t have to be physically close to our loved ones to show them we still love and miss them, we just need to be a little tech savvy and creative in order to make things work. My Petsters is here to help as well with advice on making it through these unprecedented times, and socially conscious children’s toys to create lasting memories.

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