How to be Kind When Others Aren’t

Growing up we’ve all probably heard the saying, “Treat others how you’d like to be treated.” It’s the golden rule, after all. However, some people just don’t realize that. You might have bumped into someone at the grocery store and apologized, just to get a dirty look, or you said good morning to someone walking down the street, to which they replied, “What’s good about it?” Instead of falling into the trap of being mean and spiteful, it’s better to take the high road and show people that aren’t very nice to you that you can still be kind regardless of their attitude.

Here are some ways we can all make the world a little brighter:

Assume the best about whoever it is that may have wronged you. Maybe they just found out some bad news, and accidently took it out on you, feeling horrible about it later. Maybe it was just a bad day, and they’re actually a very funny and helpful person. Whether it was because someone didn’t hold a door open for you at the mall, or someone else didn’t say thank you on the phone-we all make mistakes, so sometimes it’s best to just assume the interaction was not their normal behavior.

Send kindness their way. Did you have a run in with someone at the supermarket who was unfriendly, but later on you are getting in line at the same time? Offer to let them go ahead of you, or maybe go one step further and pay for their order-do something to show them that you aren’t a bad person, either.

Wish them well. This doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just saying you hope someone has a wonderful day can turn their perspective around. It’s worth a shot!

Ask if you are projecting your own negativity onto others. Are you being as kind and mindful as you can be? This can be hard to master sometimes but taking a look at ourselves can really show us how others see us in the world. Often times, people match grumpiness with grumpiness, which has the opposite effect of buying the drinks of the person behind you in the Starbucks line, spreading that kind of mood won’t help anyone.

Most importantly, lift people up and treat people with respect, even if they haven’t shown you the kindness that you may deserve. Always remember to show people that you see the best in them, just like The Best In Me Sees The Best In You, here at My Petsters.

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