How Differences Bring Us Together

We already know that we are all unique and special in our own way, but did you know that those differences can actually bring us closer?

Think about it this way, every difference is a learning experience. Let children know that it’s okay to both be different and learn from other people’s differences.

Here are some ways that you can challenge your children to step out of the box and see other people through their differences:

1. Redefine “normal”. My mom always used to say, “the only thing that’s normal is the setting on the dryer”, meaning that there’s no such thing as “normal”. Normal doesn’t exist, so find ways to see beyond what others view as typical.

2. Teach them not to be afraid to ask questions, it may be hard, but sometimes this opens up the conversation rather than cutting it off.

3. Understand the intent of the curiosity. Children often have a lot of questions, and usually those questions are asked because they want to know how someone relates to them, rather than how someone is different.

4. Sharing your differences with others can help them share theirs as well.

5. Show diverse media. There are tons of shows and movies out there now a days that depict characters who have physical, mental, and even ethnic differences than our children, provide them with as much diversity as possible.

Keeping an open line of communication with your child will help them to see that they are incredible because they are different, and so is everyone else. There’s no better way to say

"The Best In Me Sees The Best In You" than to accept others’ differences and appreciate the diversity in the world.

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