Meet the Petsters!

Out in the ocean, there’s a rumbling. Up rises lava from deep beneath the sea floor. When the smoke clears and the lava cools, a beautiful island appears. It’s lush and green with trees, plants and flowers. Know who else is there? My Petsters!

Welcome to Petster Island, home of My Petsters gang: Raffi, Zip, Rein, True, Spark and Crew. They’re ready to play with your Kids. Most importantly, Petsters show kids how unique they are and how to embrace the uniqueness of others.

My Petsters are unique pets created to enhance your child's imagination, creativity and social skills. Petsters teaches kids to live fearlessly, celebrate each others’ differences and be friends with doing so, you never know what adventure you might find!

There is so much more to learn about My Petsters! Stay tuned for our official Kickstarter launch that includes clothing, animation, apps and more My Petster fun...


The Best In Me Sees The Best In You! ®

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