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Bianca Woodberry

Founder & CEO

Hi, I'm Bianca! I'm the founder of My Petsters and I was born and raised in the 'land down under' (aka Australia) and have always cherished the rich diversity of the community where I grew up. A child of multi-national migrants, I cherish the ethnically rich diversity of the community where I grew up. My environment significantly contributed to my cultural perspective and curiosity about the world.


Not surprisingly, I jumped at the chance to move with my husband to Europe, where he played professional basketball before settling our young family into his home of the United States where he is a NCAA Men's Basketball Coach. Our children have now lived in multiple regions across the USA and share my appreciation of how exciting and sometimes intimidating it is to befriend someone new.

Inspired by my daughters drawings of eclectic creature-combinations, I created My Petsters as a playful way to teach children about social consciousness through creative play.

As a former educator, I have seen first-hand how children's different backgrounds foster creativity. And when we acknowledge, embrace and celebrate each other's strengths and differences at an early age, together we can make a positive impact on the world.

I believe the more diverse our experiences and environments, the healthier our curiosity about the world and our appreciation for all cultures. With Petsters in children's hands, we can ignite a conversation and build a community that teaches children about the importance of social consciousness; empowering our kids to go from passive spectators to activists channeling their focus and energy toward solutions that could make an impact on our world.


The Best In Me Sees The Best In You™

Bianca Woodberry xoxo

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